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Meet the mentors causing vibrations in S.T.E.M & Health Research!

Dilesha Stelmach

STEM Advocate, Insurance Analyst and Serial Intrapreneur.

Dilesha Stelmach is a STEM Warrior, Insurance Analyst and Serial Intrapreneur. Her work focuses on disruption which includes dismantling systems of oppression from within, applying an intersectional lens to advanced technology and of course mentorship. 

Mentees interested in Technology, Business, and Math can find great resources in Dilesha and her network. Mentees unsure of what path they want to take would also find great light from Dilesha’s unconventional path from Reception to Director of a publicly traded company in under a decade. Just be ready to plan, work, learn and level up! 

Irene Duah-Kessie

Health Researcher, STEM Advocate & Entrepreneur

 Irene Duah-Kessie is a multifaceted, first-generation Ghanaian Canadian woman, encapsulating all dimensions of a community builder, mentor, advocate, researcher, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Rise In STEM, a grassroots organization that aims to increase access to STEM learning and leadership opportunities for Black and underserved youth. She is also a Research Coordinator at the Women’s Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre, Irene is coordinating the Young Black Women’s Anti-Racism Insights to Action Project, which explores the unique barriers Black women experience in the GTA. Through this work, the hope is to build evidence of experiences and centralize Black women’s ideas in addressing these barriers with other relevant stakeholders. Irene holds a Bachelors of Science in Life Sciences from McMaster University and Master of Science in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto, and is also part of the Editorial Team for the Turtle Island Journal of Indigenous Health, a graduate-student-run academic journal housed at the Waakebiness-Bryce Institute. For leisure, Irene enjoys bird watching, hiking and baking new treats.

Vitumbiko Mhango

Registered Professional Planner

Vitumbiko Mhango is a Registered Professional Planner and full Member of the Canadian Institute of Planning, currently working as a Senior Project Manager within the Parks Development and Capital Projects Branch of the City of Toronto. Ms. Mhango is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning, with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Honours Planning and a Masters of Planning. Vitumbiko possesses planning experience working in the private and public sectors, and is passionate about using her career to positively contribute to community-building and creating a good quality of life. Vitumbiko is dedicated to providing others with support to excel in their careers and as individuals. In her free time, you can find Vitumbiko tending to her plants and cooking!

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