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Bee Quammie 

Writer & Artist


As a multimedia storyteller, I love sharing stories in different mediums. I’m a writer, with bylines in publications like FLARE, Macleans, Chatelaine, EBONY, ByBlacks, the Globe and Mail, and more. I’m a copywriter, working with brands and businesses to help craft messages on their websites and social media. I’m a blogger, with 2 blogs: ’83 To Infinityand The Brown Suga Mama. I’m a media commentator, featured on shows like CBC’s The NationalGlobal News Radio’s Kultur’d Show, and more.  My mission with the majority of my work is to be the woman I wish I could have seen, and write the stories I wish I could have read, when I was younger—and giving back by being that for my two baby girls and all the other younger Black girls coming up now. I’ve figured out my work path on my own—I graduated from Western with a degree in Health Sciences, but my writing and media work has been all on my own. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and experienced with the mentees so that I can help you grow and go even further in your careers and lives overall. 

Bianca LC

Entrepreneur, Product Strategist & Consultant

Bianca LC is a multi-disciplinary designer, brand strategist and entrepreneur. Powered by a dedication to reimagining and designing products, spaces and systems that empower communities to craft their own futures. Through past work in music, brand, design and social equity, her work has been recognized by girlboss, ELLE Canada, CBC, Toronto Star and HXOUSE. 

Léa Muamba

My name is Léa and I am a proud to be Black woman with a vision and a purpose. As a woman walking in her purpose, I cease opportunities which allow me to help my counterparts walk in their own purpose as well. I do so because I believe that the best leaders are those who teach others how to lead.  Black women have been predisposed to self-hate through various platforms. Hence, the holistic well-being and progression of black women and black communities is important to me. I work in the field of health and community services, and I am the founder of All Things Slayah. The community work that I do is rooted in combating anti-black racism while improving social determinants of health impacting black communities. I have a genuine passion for giving back to the black communities and helping black people develop skill sets that will allow them to discover their purpose and skills that can push them to excel in their lives & career. I believe this mentorship project is mutually beneficial for everyone involved, because mentors can also learn from their mentees and not just the other way around. I am excited to continue being a mentor with Women’s Health In Women’s Hands and I look forward to building a meaningful & trusting relationship with my mentee.

Gamiela F.

Gamiela (she/her)Communications Professional I’m an experienced Communications professional currently working in the private sector. I came to Canada at the age of three with my parents and brothers and grew up in North York. When I think back to my teen years and high school, I remember the lack of encouragement and support from many of the adults I encountered in the system. I still recall sitting in a room with my guidance councillor who tried to discourage me from attending higher education. Thankfully, I didn’t listen to him. I received a diploma in Public Relations from Humber College followed by a B.A. double major in Communication Studies and Professional Writing from York University. It was a long and stressful road to get to where I am today, and I’m still continuously learning and growing. I believe that the support and guidance of a mentor who cares can truly make a difference. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of the program. My approach to mentorship would be non-judgmental, attentive listening, and sharing my own experiences and the experiences of those around me.

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